Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bradyn 9 months

This post may only be interesting for family as we wanted them to see how much Bradyn is changing. Bradyn is nearly 9 months old and seems to be growing up so quickly. On July 4 it was his first time crawling. I’ve put some videos below of his first moments crawling and he also has learned to pull himself up and stand. He’s a bit wobbly when standing but insists on doing it all the time. He is 21 lbs and loves to eat. He still is not sleeping all the way through the night, but we are getting there…one day! He started saying “da da” on June 11 and likes to say it ALL the time. Today, July 5, he has finally started saying “ma ma”, so now we are just waiting on “tay tay” to start coming out. He is such a loving boy and he is for the most part very happy and smiles all the time. What fun he has added to our family.

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