Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Visit From Sara and Scott!

Aunt Sara and Scott came for a visit and we had so much fun with them. Taylor loved seeing Sara and did not stop talking to her the entire time. We had a great time showing them our city, where we work, and our home. We also were able to show off some amazing game parks close to the house, here are some pictures.


Sara did a wonderful job showering Taylor with lots of love!


Getting in the Christmas Spirit with snowman sunglasses.



Aunt Sara holding Bradyn, she won the race and was the 1st family to hold Bradyn, sorry grandparents!


We saw tons of animals and really enjoyed our time in Mokolodi. Here is a beautiful female Kudu.

IMG_6129We even saw and got very close to a huge heard of Eland. Fun times.


The next day we were able to travel to Pilanesberg where we were able to hold and even feed 6 week old baby lions, here is Sara and Scott.


Taylor also picked up the lions, she truly has no fear when it comes to animals, we both think she will work with them one day!







We thought that the highlight of the day was the mommy rhino and the baby rhino right before we left the park, until we saw 3 elephants swimming in a lake, having a blast(below).



They all swam to the other side, got out and went right back in a minute later, it was so much fun! We were so thankful that Sara and Scott were able to make it all the way to Botswana! We love our family and can’t wait for Grammy and Grandad to arrive in just  5 days!

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  1. We've got to get out of our city and come see some of your animals someday. These pictures are amazing! Owen would LOVE them! Merry Christmas! Enjoy your family!