Wednesday, July 7, 2010


The Setswana word for chicken is “koko”. This morning we went out to a village to visit some friends and before we departed we were given a chicken. Nope this chicken was not for a pet as Taylor and Amanda had hoped, it was to be eaten. So they put this chicken in a bag and put her in the back of our truck. Yikes…this now means that we have to kill the chicken ourselves. When we went through missionary training this time last year we could have attended a class on how to kill/prepare a chicken; I think we should have attended this class!! Brent did the deed of beheading the chicken and then he had to boil it to make the feathers come off. We are having her in a stew tonight so hopefully it’s good.

Taylor keeps asking where the chicken is, she doesn’t quite understand why she can’t come into our house and play :) I forget how far removed we are from our meat in America, it’s so hard when you put a face to your dinner.




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