Sunday, September 6, 2009

ILC July 28-September 23, 2009

The last 6 weeks we have been in training in Richmond, VA at a place called ILC (International Learning Center). We are here with about 250 other people being trained on things such as church planting, training others to present the gospel through "training for trainers" and "bible storying" and many many other classes to prepare us for our overseas ventures. It's hard to believe that in less than a month we'll be in Africa. We leave here on September 23 and go to visit with family/friends for a couple weeks and leave for Africa on October 7. Below are a few pictures of our time here at ILC.

Here's the "quad" we have been living in for our 8 1/2 weeks here at ILC. We have a common living area with 4 other families and then each family has there own 2 bedroom/1 bath apartment off of the living room.

Us with our friends Mark and Melynda on a trip to the park. Taylor and their daughter Madylanne have become best friends. They live in our quad and Taylor and Madylanne are in the same class at school. We are so thankful for their friendship...they will be living in Zambia which is not too far from us.

Praise the Lord that Taylor has adjusted very well here. She is loving all of the attention she gets. She is enjoying attending school Monday-Friday from 9-3 and is learning a lot.

We found a horse and donkey a short walk from the place we are staying. Taylor has no fear of them and loves to try to feed them. Even if they are across the pasture, if she yells "come here" they all come running to see her.

We will be sending out our prayer/newsletter here shortly and will try to also post it on the website, but if you would like to be added to our prayer/newsletter email us at

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  1. The picture and comment about Taylor and the horse and donkey are precious -- 'come here' they all come running. If only we would respond that way with our heavenly Father.

    Looking forward to having y'all here on this side of the pond.