Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Saving Money!

Ok, so this blog will not be about saving money but we have to say, we are loving saving money. We have been doing it for a while now, stocking up for Botswana, and just wanted to pass on a few tips, we are truly addicted to saving!

Monday, Brent went to food lion and harris teeter and saved over 110 dollars! It was amazing, and it was the best that we have ever done, we saved 70.35 dollars at Harris Teeter alone!

Example - We picked up Tylenol 8 hour, usally 8.49 for 50 caplets, we got 3 bottles, 150 caplets for only $6.15, and we had coupons for 4 dollars off, bringing the grand total for 150 caplets for only $2.15!!!! That's a savings of 22.45!!! You can see why we are addicted!

So how do we do it, well we visit 2 web sights and they are amazing, it takes a little bit of time to save money but it's so worth it.

The first is the grocery game, This is a service that we pay 15 dollars every 2 months but as you see it pays for it's self in 1 trip to the store, check it out at
The basics of the game is to clip every coupon that you receive and than sign up for the stores that you visit the most and the grocery game will tell you the best time to use the coupon. Your first month is just $1 for as many stores as you would like.

The second web sight is done by our friend, Miranda, and she does a great job, before we spend money or go out to eat, we check out her websight, check it out at

Other saving tips

Red Box - We love movies and we love Red Box, only a dollar a night and free movie monday's, it's super easy and super fast to do, and you can even reserve movies online before going to a red box, and drop them off at any location, it makes travel so easy!

Sell it your self - So in the process of heading overseas we have had to sell alot of our own stuff, including our home and our truck and for both of them we sold them ourselves. It was amazing and it truly saved us thousands of dollars! It seems hard but it just takes a little bit of leg work but it's so worth it.

Home - When we sold our home, we saved, almost 10 thousand dollars, by not having to pay a realtor and the buyers realtor. We were able to lower the price, still get the amount of money we hoped for, and get a young couple in that would not have been able to afford our house with a typical realtor cost. It was alot of paper work but the buyers bank and lawyer did almost everything and with a few phone calls, double checking everything, we sold our home ourselves, even in this market we were able to make money!

Sell your car yourself - We took Brent's work truck to auction direct and they offered 2,100 dollars for the truck. We came home, took 2 cell phone pictures, posted it on craigslist, and sold it the next day for 4,800 dollars! That's a savings of 2,700 Dollars! that's HUGE! yes, we did have 1 no show, 2 test drives, but it sold the next day. Signed over the title and we were done, just like that.

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