Thursday, May 25, 2023


We love the high schoolers that come to our home once a month to be a part of a ministry called Fusion. They are some awesome teenagers who want to learn more about God and grow in their relationship with Him. So thankful for this opportunity to speak truth into their lives. 

Africa Desert Frog

We found our first African Desert Frog. He possibly is the cutest but grumpiest looking frog in the world. Of course we had to do a little photo shoot with him and then released him back to the wood pile  if you want a smile google the sound they make, so precious 🐸 

Winter season

 If you know me, I HATE being cold. Growing up in West Virginia, it was like we had 8 months of winter, seriously. Since we are in the Southern Hemisphere, our winter is during the States summer time.  

One thing I do love about winter is the wonderful fires we get to have inside the fireplace or in the fire pit outside. I am convinced that lots of the worlds problems can be solved around a nice fire 😊

Cooking in our Potjie (slow cooker) over the fire

Pencil Art

We came across this amazing Pencil Artist at a market in Pretoria, South Africa recently. I was blown away by his talent. Below are some of his drawings and you can follow him at Kruger Pencil Art. Each print is A3 and they are R650 ($35) each (not framed). 

His name is Shadreck Chekenyere and is originally from Zimbabwe.

PTA-Family Fun Day

 We love being a part of our kids schools and being on their PTA’s. We recently had a Family Fun Day at Taylor’s high school and loved seeing all of the kids having a blast and getting to know other parents.

So proud of Taylor 🎉 She started playing guitar a little over a year ago and played her first performance with her best friend Marisa at an event at her school this past Saturday. It takes a lot of guts to put yourself out there in front of your peers and they did AMAZING!! 

Huge thanks to Bob Genheimer for gifting her an electric guitar and instilling a love for guitar in our girl.


We recently traveled to Johannesburg, South Africa for some medical appointments. We enjoy getting to find some of the things you might find in America when we are there like Mexican food, Krispy Kreme, and of course McDonalds 😊 

The lightning storms are tremendous in Johannesburg due to the amount of minerals in the ground

Ellie’s hearing test

Our God-daughter Aviah

Kisses from a baby cow

Boba tea-who knew?!?

Mexican food 😋 


Jaiden’s Graduation

 My niece Jaiden just graduated from high school. We are so very proud of her 👩‍🎓 ❤️


 Sometimes we need a little break and go out to our local dam and go for a paddle. It’s so peaceful being out on the water and enjoying God’s creation ❤️


I am so thankful for the friends God has placed in my kids lives. We expect a lot of our kids ministry-wise but glad they can be normal people with best friends they like to hang out with.

Mission Trip-Rundu, Namibia

Thank you so much for praying  as Brent took a team from Botswana to partner with Bethel Baptist Church in Canton, NC to Rundu, Namibia on a mission trip. 300+ people heard a clear presentation of the gospel and 84 people chose to give their life to the Lord 🙏

Here is a link to a video from the week: