Saturday, April 10, 2021


Our sweet Ellie just keeps us on our toes. She insists on dressing herself and putting on makeup every morning...we try to stress the ‘less is more’ principle but she hasn’t really grasped that concept yet. 

She certainly has us all wrapped around her little finger and brings our family so much joy. She recently learned to ride her bike and decided she wants to marry her brother 😉 Love our Ellie Belly ❤️


 With all of the Covid restrictions at school, Bradyn doesn’t get to see his really good friends often as they are in a different class so not allowed to sit together at break time. The kids just finished their first term at school and have a month long break, so we invited his friends over for a day of fun and hanging out. They rode quads and we went kayaking at the Gaborone Dam. Yes there are crocs in the dam but as we have been told they are further down, so we may have jumped in (again please don’t judge 🙈). Such a fun day of forgetting about Covid and enjoying friends. As one of Bradyn’s friends mom was tucking their son into bed that night she said ‘I am so glad you had a great day’ and her sons response was ‘it wasn’t a great day, it was the best day ever!’ Mission accomplished ❤️

Happy birthday, Brent!

 March 21 we celebrated one of my favorite humans on the planet’s birthday. For 3 months out of the year, I am not the ‘older woman’ and we are the same age 😉 so thankful for his fun adventurous spirit and his love for Jesus and his family. Happy 42nd birthday, Brent!


Easter is a time that we celebrate our risen Savior and His magnificent power over death...the grave could not hold Him. We love doing the ‘Resurrection Eggs’ from Lifeway each Easter morning and finding that the last egg is empty, representing Christ’s empty tomb.

We also enjoyed a visit from the Easter bunny...please don’t judge that the 3rd child was consuming a whole chocolate bunny before 7am 🙈 She ran into our bedroom as 6:30am yelling with such JOY ‘the Easter bunny came’ and proceeded to wake the rest of the house up to spread the news. This reminds me so much of the story of the Resurrection that we read in Matthew 28 and the excitement they must have felt when they approached the empty tomb where the stone had been rolled away and the angel telling them ‘He is not here, He is RISEN!’ and running to tell everyone. Oh the joy and excitement!

‘Resurrection Eggs’

Ellie’s Start to her sugar rush day 🙈

Coloring Easter Eggs

Their favorites

Even Bradyn can’t wait to see what is in his basket

Egg hunt at our friend the Xaviers home 

The big kids have always been so sweet to hold the basket as Ellie searches the house for all of the eggs the Easter bunny hid for her. 

Sunday, February 7, 2021

Covid and Botswana

 As we watch the world news and see some of your social media posts, we see how so many of us have been affected by Covid. I would be lying if I didn’t say that 2020 was a tough year for our family and was filled with worry and anxiety of this virus looming all around us. Some days, being in a country with not the greatest healthcare, borders being closed all around us, and being an ocean away from family became just too daunting. BUT GOD...

Scripture is filled with so many ‘but God’ moments and this past year was filled with so many for our family and ministry here in Botswana. We are thankful God redeems, comforts, calms, surrounds, guides, protects and the list could go on and on. 

I would like to share  with you what life looks like here in Botswana due to Covid. 

  • Our Covid cases are rising about 1200 cases a week  
  • We have a curfew set from 8pm to 4am and the sell of alcohol is strictly prohibited  
  • Masks are mandatory in public settings
  • Any store we visit we have to sanitize, have our temperature taken, and log all of our details on paper
  • Supplies are limited due to everything being imported
  • We can’t lockdown again as the government can’t afford to help those who can’t afford to not work (house help, gardeners, etc) who depend on daily wages to live (we have went through 3 strict lockdowns where we were not allowed to leave our homes without a permit from the government) 
  • People are losing jobs
  • Crime has increased due to desperation 
...But God! People are so desperate for HOPE that they have been more open and receptive to the gospel prior to Covid.  Through your giving we have not only been able to help with spiritual needs but also physical needs throughout the country. 

Thank you for remembering our family and the Batswana in your prayers ❤️

Saturday, February 6, 2021

Pula 🌧

 We have had such a great rainy season this year. Rainy season is normally November to February and we have had a few cyclones pass over from the Indian Ocean that have blessed us with some rain. 

Rain means life here is a country largely comprised of the Kalahari Desert. The blue part of our Botswana flag  signifies water 🇧🇼 Rain is ALWAYS a blessing here!  

Young marrieds

 We love our monthly meetings with our young marrieds. 4 out of 5 of our expecting wives have had their babies and the other is due any day. We are trying to help them navigate being married and now adding a baby to the mix of things. 

We continue to walk through the book ‘Love and Respect’ and have had some fun conversations. Keep these couples in your prayers

Meet one of our new members-Kobe

Many fun conversations around this fire pit

Thankful for a husband who leads the conversations 

Beautiful Botswana

 Botswana is filled with some of the most beautiful people, animals, and landscapes. On a recent trip up north we took some of these photos with our Canon, not just our phone cameras. We love the beauty of this country 🇧🇼.